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Into The World of ‘Deola’

Lolade Odeyemi  |

Bizwatchnigeria takes you into the world of ‘Deola’. Recently rebranded from Deola Sagoe to simply ‘Deola’, this famous Nigerian female designer has, beyond reasonable doubts, broken grounds in the haute couture scenery.

The couturiere, who launched her craft in 1989, has since gained the respect of international fashion pundits with her intricate combination of lively and colourful fabrics.

The fashion mogul frequently showcases her creations at the Cape Town Fashion Week and her works have so far soared beyond the shores of Africa, steadily gaining international recognition, as seen at the just concluded 2014 New York Fashion Week, where her rebranded label made its solo debut.

Having been around for the past twenty-five years and still counting, Deola has held the fashion domain spell bound, as she exquisitely styles celebrities and high profiled individuals with her incredible pieces.

Her Iconic label ‘Deola’ is one that has left its indelible mark on the Nigerian fashion industry, commanding an undeniable amount of respect.


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