Ikoyi Collapsed Building: LASG To Pull Down Other Structures On The Sites

Ikoyi Collapsed Building: LASG To Pull Down Other Structures

Lagos State Government (LASG), on Thursday, June 16, 2022, announced its plan to deconstruct the three uncompleted high-rise structures on the site of a 21-storey building that collapsed on Gerrard Road, Ikoyi, last November.

The structures, according to the state government, failed integrity tests, prompting the State Government to embark on a controlled deconstruction to bring them down.

A structural engineering firm, Edge of Design, has been contracted to dismantle the twin 14-storey and eight-storey structures on the site in a manner that will not pose any health or environmental hazards to residents in the neighbourhood.

The deconstruction, which is expected to be completed within 90 days, is to be supervised by relevant agencies of the Government and private stakeholders in the built industry.

The development, it was learnt, is part of the recommendations by a six-man panel that investigated the collapse of the 21-storey structure owned by Messrs Fourscore Heights.

The land on which the failed structures sit has been forfeited to the State Government by law. The panel also recommended criminal prosecution of the developer for contravening the State’s building codes.

No fewer than 45 persons, who were mainly construction workers and vendors, died in the incident. Also, the developer, Femi Osibona, died in the collapsed building.


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