IFPRI Warns Nigeria, Others to Prepare for Climate Change

The International Food Policy Institute (IFPRI) has said that the West African policy makers should prepare for future challenges from climate change as they address the pressing needs of broad-based economic growth and tackle hunger issues,

IFPRI expressed worries that although maize, millet, rice, and sorghum are the major cereal crops in Nigeria and the West Africa region, the yields from these crops are very low compared to the world average and even other regions in Africa.

According to IFPRI, impacts from a changing climate will challenge production systems already under pressure to produce more to feed a growing population.

Existing farming systems, including crops and livestock, are adapted to today’s agro-ecosystems in the region, but climate change will alter those systems in uncertain ways, affecting livelihoods, especially those of poor farmers.

The recent book published by IFPRI: ‘West African Agriculture and Climate Change’ uses sophisticated modelling and available data to develop future scenarios exploring the range of climate change consequences for agriculture, food security, and resource management and offers recommendations to national governments and regional agencies.




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