Gulder Rebranding: Damn Good Job, Almost Poor Execution?

By Blessing Nwobodo |
Nigeria’s Beer market is a very competitive one and thus requires that players within the category stay relevant to the ever changing market at all times, so as to maintain and sustain their market share and appeal to new customers.

To this end, these market players are constantly evolving their brands in innovative and creative ways that aim to reflect latest trends, reintroducing their brands to consumers and injecting new vibes that ultimately spur consumers’ excitement and get them wowed to stay loyal to the brands.

It is in the quest to always stay innovative and maintain its tradition of pioneering ‘firsts’ in the beer industry that the Gulder brand recently rebranded its look.

The build-up to its new look was one that got many wondering what the brand was up to. The brand owners had created a suspense-filled, mind boggling campaign tagged “The Cube is Coming”, which ran for some weeks on major billboards across the country, creating the needed excitement and curiosity in the minds of consumers, who became eager to uncover what the brand had up its sleeve.

Gulder Castle

On the day of the unveiling, which also served as the Final Selection Party of the Gulder Ultimate Search , the brand owners, Nigerian Breweries, had a walkway built with Guilder crates at the Oceanview Hotel venue of the event, just to create an aura around the newly launched bottle. It was a spectacular scene to behold!

But for the hurried manner in which the bottle was finally unveiled at the event, the owners of the brand would have scored a much higher point with its adopted strategy.

For some consumers of the brand who were at the event, Nigerian Breweries, perhaps, shot itself in the arm, by cramping two major activities into one event, which somehow impinged on the final unveiling process.

“I love the build up to the unveiling of the new Gulder bottle. I love the new bottle itself. It speaks volume of the company’s penchant for creativity and innovation. I do, however, have a problem with the manner in which the bottle was hurriedly unveiled within a major event, which is the Gulder Ultimate Search Final Selection Party. I guess they were struggling for time and so the bottle unveiling had to suffer,” Kenneth Iruoma, an ardent consumer of the brand, said.


Speaking at the event, Managing Director, Nigerian Breweries Plc., Mr. Nicolaas Vervelde, said the Gulder re-launch was in tandem with the company’s penchant for innovation, which has sustained its leadership in the brewery sector.

According to him, the new bottle launch is revolutionary and reflects Gulder’s stance to always be in the forefront of advancement. In his words, “In 1946, the story of innovation started with Nigerian Breweries Plc. We launched the Gulder brand in 1970 in a unique brown bottle with a unique logo and unique recipe. This unique beer is loved by millions of Nigerians who savour the taste every day, every week, every month and every year. Gulder was the first beer to be launched in cans, which is a further sign of its innovativeness.”

gulder cube

On his part, the Marketing Director, Messrs Walter Drenth, described the bottle as the most innovative in Nigeria. “What we have done is to take Gulder from a 1970 bottle and transform it to a 2020 bottle. I can tell you that this is the most innovative bottle in the Nigerian beer market today. Let me also assure that, despite the efforts and resources committed to giving our esteemed consumers of Gulder this classy bottle, the price and the taste remain the same,” he stated.

The new Gulder bottle, which still contains the same old Gulder lager beer, wears a much more tougher but suave look, affirming that the brand confers strength on the strong and active man. The new bottle has the name ‘Gulder’ embossed on both sides, which is a first of its kind in the beer market, with a stunning Gold stanoil (Gold foil) that is not only a symbol of pride, but also an indication of the quality of the lager.

It also has a unique label design. You can’t help but notice the symbolic helmet on the label design, which is strategically located at the centre of the bottle.


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