Ghanians Want Nigerian Political Billboards Removed From Streets Of Accra

Several Ghanaians have called for sanctions over the erection of Nigerian political party campaign billboards in Accra, Ghana

International Relations analyst, Dr. Vladmir Antwi Danso said the country’s government should fish out the officials responsible and mete out punishment to them, while also indicating that the billboards pose a security threat to the nation because the turf war in Nigeria could be imported into the country.

“I believe it’s wrong for us to allow the billboards to be placed here because the other opposition parties will also have the equal right to put up their billboards then the terse game in Nigeria will be transported to Ghana,” he remarked.

Ahead of the Nigerian general election on February 14, the supporters of the country’s presidential candidates, Muhammadu Buhari and President Goodluck Jonathan, have erected campaign billboards across Accra.

It is believed supporters of the candidates put up the billboards to campaign to the hundreds of Nigerians resident in Ghana, who are increasing by the day due to the threats of Islamist Militant group, Boko Haram.

Some Ghanaians have expressed concerns over these developments and according to Dr. Danso, the security agencies in Ghana must take immediate steps to forestall any unforeseen circumstances.

He asked, “who allowed the billboards to be placed here in the first place because there are rules and regulations for billboards? Where are our security agencies?”

He thus called for the dismissal of the persons who authorized the reception of the billboards saying, “I think heads should roll over how the thing came here because somebody might have taken money.”

Meanwhile, the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) has ordered the removal of the billboards, which are located at Danquah Circle and on the Accra-Tema Motorway.



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