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Fuelmetrics Helps Fuel Management with New Product

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Fuelmetrics Limited, an automation and control solutions provider in Lagos State, has created Gensys, a product for monitoring and controlling the nation’s fuel consumption.

Folake Opanubi, the company’s head of marketing, said on Wednesday that the Gensys solution made it simple for users to spot inconsistencies in fuel use and implement workable solutions for system checks.

Panubi said, “Fuel management and consumption is increasingly becoming an issue of concern in Nigeria. From the constant hike in prices to the shortage in power supply to mismanagement and pilferage within systems and organisations, households and enterprises are constantly complaining about how pocket draining this can be.

“Gensys, an offshoot of Fuelmetrics’ flagship product, Epump, has been specially built to empower facility and resident owners that make use of generator tanks to adequately monitor their fuel delivery and consumption process with ease.

“To launch the Gensys solution, an Automatic Tank Gauge probe is installed in the tank to take stock of the available product, and a Console in the utility office for management. The system then captures the fuel storage volume and temperature in tank in real-time and transmits it to the cloud via the Console on site.

“Data collated is accessible anytime from anywhere on the web-based dashboard or through downloadable reports to ensure accurate information at the disposal of the customer.

“In addition, customers can order for fuel on the Gensys platform from credible fuel suppliers and deliver to them. They can track the price and delivery status of their order through real-time data, and get a detailed insight into their consumption process.”


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