“Financial Impact Of Ebola May Hit $32.6bn By 2015” – World Bank

The World Bank Group has predicted that if the deadly Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) significantly infects citizens in neighbouring countries, some of which boast larger economies, the two-year regional financial impact could reach US$32.6 billion by the end of 2015.

The latest economic impact assessment by the bank, released yesterday at the ongoing World Bank/IMF annual meetings in Washington DC, United States of America, said: “As it is far from certain that the epidemic will be fully contained by December 2014 and in the light of the considerable uncertainty about its future trajectory, two alternative scenarios are used to estimate the medium-term (2015) impact of the epidemic, extending to the end of 2015.”

According to the  report, a ‘Low Ebola’ scenario corresponds to rapid containment within the three most severely affected countries, while ‘High Ebola’ corresponds to slower containment in the three countries with broader regional contagion.

The bank’s new analysis pointed out that the economic impacts of Ebola virus were already very serious in the three countries, particularly, Sierra Leone and Liberia, and could become catastrophic under a slow containment, ‘High Ebola’ scenario.



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