FG Must Urgently Invest In Efficient Rail System

The Chief Executive Officer, Economic Associates (EA), Mr. Ayo Teriba, has advised the federal government to approach its nationwide rail development with a much stronger sense of urgency.

Mr. Teriba, who gave this advice in a report titled “Confronting Inter-Regional Disparities in Nigeria,” argued that inequality in the distribution of agricultural, mineral and commercial wealth across Nigeria’s six geopolitical zones determined the rates at which the different regions will grow.

He stated that Investing in fast and efficient rail links between rich and poor regions is a win-win national strategy that could bring regions closer to needful inputs and ensure peaceful coexistence that is required to sustain growth.

He added that “Nigeria needs a strong national economic intelligence apparatus like the defunct National Economic Intelligence Committee (NEIC) to, amongst other things, provide the foresight required henceforth to ensure that regional growth divergence is prevented rather than cured.”


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