Entreprenuer Spotlight: Oluwadamilola Otugbaga- Making Money From Bead-making

Entreprenuer Spotlight: Oluwadamilola Otugbaga- Making Money From Bead-making


by Lolade Odeyemi

Oluwadamilola Otugbaga is the Chief Executive Officer of Prissy Accessories, a fashion accessory and jewelry company that specializes in bead making. Otubaga, as a young energetic entrepreneur is unarguably one fashionable bubble of talent who has transferred her persona onto her accessories line, as can be seen in the array of her tasteful creations such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings

Although the young crafter studied International Relations in her undergraduate years in the University, her long existing knack for arts and crafts shone through in 2008 when she took special interest in bead making, using corals, ornaments and beads to design unique and stunning jewelry pieces to accentuate the style of her clientele base which consists mainly of the female folk.

bead 232(18k) bead 239(18k)

Within a short period of time, Otubaga’s flair metamorphosed into a trade as her love for stringing beads garnered the attention of the right audience whose increasing demand and encouraging referrals led to the official launch of Prissy Accessories in November 2012. Since its debut, Prissy Accessories has widely catered to brides who make special request for beaded jewelries for their wedding ceremonies. She also creates beads for other occasions like birthday parties, formal and casual gatherings.

Beyond the pursuit of financial stability and independence in her entrepreneurial stride, Otubaga is basking in the ambience of bringing a hobby and interesting to life, which in turn is making commendable profit. Explaining her love for the craft, she said: “I just love working with my hands, I have a flair for creating handcrafted jewelries.” True to her words, the promising entrepreneur has built an impressive portfolio of different beaded jewelry designs, giving her clients the luxury of choice.

bead 278 bead 272

In her few yet active years in business, she has mastered the art of mixing and matching a variety of semi-precious gemstones such as Corals, Pearls, Agates, crystals, among others, in different colors, shades, shapes, cuts and sizes, to create remarkable designs. Spreading her tentacles, she has also trained and still trains other upcoming bead makers who also intend to set up their own businesses.

In addition to designing handcrafted beads from the scratch, she also remodels existing beaded jewelry to add an updated and trendy look. Also her attention to the intricate details in beads designing and stringing has set her creations apart from many commonly seen beaded jewelries.

bead 288 bead 252

Otubaga’s craft company is steadily gaining recognition among the women within and outside her circle as she revealed that her clientele base is on the rise.  To this end, the young entrepreneur is challenged to reach deeper for the innate creative spark, which will see her company moving beyond leaps and bounds with an incredibly large clientele base in a few years to come.


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