`Don’t go to polling centers on election day, If you want to live long,` Boko Haram Threatens To Attack Polling Centers

Islamist militant group, Boko Haram, on Saturday distributed fliers in Nigeria’s northeastern Gombe State, threatening to attack polling stations during the next general elections.



“Don’t go to polling centers on election day, If you want to live long,” Boko Haram wrote in the fliers.

“We will attack all polling centers,” it threatened.

The fliers were written in the local Hausa language and had the Boko Haram insignia on them.

They were distributed on Saturday as Boko Haram attacked the local government area of Dadinkowa and the capital town of Gombe state, Ayuba Ndako, a resident of Gombe, said.

He added that locals locked themselves inside their homes for fear of the attackers.

In its three-paragraph fliers, Boko Haram asked local residents not to join security forces in fighting it.

“If you want peace to reign, don’t join security in fighting us, because we don’t attack people unless they attack us,” it said.

It even called on these local residents to join it in what it called its “Jihad” (or holy war) and the practice of Islam.

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