Don Delivers LASU’s 50th Inaugural Lecture

A professor of Exercise Physiology, Rafiu Okuneye, and the Dean, Faculty of Education, Lagos State University (LASU), has delivered the 50th inaugural lecture of the university. The lecture, which was held in the new university auditorium, was entitled: HUMAN BODY, HUMAN WELLNESS: THE PERPETUAL ANTIDOTES.

Okuneye described the human body as a model, well-designed and shaped by Almighty God. He said the holy books contained verses that testified God’s perfect creation of man. He said: “The body as a frame i.e small, medium or large has internal or external segments. The body along with its segments contains substances. In exercise physiology, we termed these segments as body composition, which refers to both fat and non-fat components of the body.”

He said organs such as adipose tissue, muscle, heart or cardiovascular and skeleton in human body had special implication on movement of the body. He said: “A living condition in which an individual engages in activities and behaviours that enhance quality of life and facilitate the realisation of personal potentials is one that allows an individual to carry out a physical activity with sufficient energy and strength in a positive state of health condition.”

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