Custom, Poultry Stakeholders, Fight Smuggling of Frozen Foods

For many Nigerians the taste of frozen wings and laps of chicken called ‘Orobo’ in local parlance is a delicacy they cherish, but unknown to them there is danger in it for their health.

Most of the frozen chicken in the country are smuggled in through Benin Republic and in the process of illegally bringing the products into the country, the cold chain is broken, thereby the quality of the product is reduced.

Once the cool chain is broken, the smugglers use the chemical used in preserving corpses to preserve the frozen chicken unknowingly to many Nigeria consumers.

Apart from the health implication of the smuggled poultry products, the local poultry industry is also going under.

Before now, the Nigeria Customs have been accused of not doing enough to steam the tide of the illegal importation of frozen chicken into the country from Benin Republic, but things are changing as the Customs service has set up the battle to sanitise the boarder.

Last week , The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) destroyed about 17,294 cartons of smuggled poultry products worth over N74 million impounded by the service were destroyed in Ikeja.



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