Computer Firm Moves to Tackle Unemployment

CADD Centre, a computer skill acquisition firm, said it would add some value to technology development in the country and ensure that at least 2,000 Nigerians are employable yearly. this gesture is to address the growing unemployment rate in the country, Managing Director of CADD Centre, Mr. Saravanan Karaiadiselvan, explained that the firm had invested over N70 million in capacity development that would create employment opportunities.
According to him, the firm intends to spend more since it is looking at a long-term project, which can train 60,000 people annually in 30 centres across the country.

”We have been in the country for the last 12 years. We first came to Port Harcourt, Rivers State, where we have a centre that trained personnel from all the oil companies in that region including Shell. In 2007, we opened another centre in Abuja where that catered for government workers such as engineers and other corporate professions. But now, we are focusing on the students market that is why we set up a centre in Lagos,” Karaiadiselvan said.
He explained that the firm would soon start working with students and schools to help reduce the unemployed rate. He added that the firm would commence with engineering programmes and move to other non- engineering courses in the second phase like interior, graphics and fashion designs.




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