Bizwatch’s Top 20 Products For 2013 (Part One)

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Just like money makes the world go round, competition makes things tick in the market place. Competition it is that forces brand owners to dig for more and more value for the consumer, the aim being to secure more and more of the market share in the given product category and possibly take a lead. We saw a lot of that happen last year, and will yet see more dynamism in that regard in the current year. But, while we watch, here is Bizwatchnigeria’s take on the top 20 best-selling products for 2013. This first part is presented in no particular order. Do they tally with your own list? What do you think?


Tecno Phones

Many will attest to the fact that this brand is one that is giving many other brands in the Nigerian mobile phone market a run for their money. In the last couple of years, the brand’s image has completely changed from that of a “china phone” to that of a real and affordable smartphone and tablet brand. Kudos to their marketing efforts.

Tecno smartphones like N3, D5, P3, M3, N7, F7 and the latest phantoms really rocked in 2013 and they don’t seem to be going down anytime soon.  Enjoying general acceptance, the brand is revolutionizing the Nigerian smartphone market, riding on the wings of its affordability, effectiveness and sleekness.


Samsung Tablets

Samsung is another king that dominated the Nigerian tablet market in 2013.  Apart from the fact that it is cheaper than the much celebrated Ipad, the tablet’s sleek and slim design keeps drawing people to it.

According to a U.S Tablet Satisfaction Study conducted in 2013, Samsung received the highest numerical score in the tablet category based on responses from 3,375 consumers who have owned the tablet for one year or less. The tablets come in different sizes and colours to suit individual preferences.

mary kay


Mary Kay Foundation

As a result of increased modernization and urbanization, and with many more women wanting to take more care of their skin, there has been a rise in the usage of cosmetics. However a product that has been capturing the heart of Nigerians for so long is none other than Mary Kay Foundation. While there are younger brands in that category closely calling for attention, the Mary Kay foundation is still it for many women.

Mary Kay, Inc. is an American privately owned cosmetic company. According to Direct Selling News, Mary Kay was the sixth largest direct selling company in the world in 2011, with net sales of USD 2.9 billion.

The foundation, one of its major products, comes in different shades to suit people of different colours. A combination of its affordability and quality must have been responsible for the patronage it still enjoys in Nigeria. A Mary Kay foundation goes for about N1, 400 while some other brands in that category go for as high as N6, 000.

close up

Close Up Toothpaste

For over 30 years, this product has been in the Nigerian market and keeps maintaining its lead, ever since it grabbed it from McLean’s toothpaste. The toothpaste was introduced into the Nigerian market in 1975 and, ever since then, has brought out different mixes and flavours to the delight of its customers. The highpoint of Close-Up’s 2013 conquest was the tooth brushing competition, which involved a total of 300, 000 participants and earned it a place in the Guinness World Records.

The product is available in Red Gel, Menthol Chill, Herbal and the newly introduced White Now. It also comes in 125ml family size, the 50ml large size, the 25ml standard size and the 10ml sachet. This brand has remained a market leader probably because it forges a strong bond with its consumers, comes in various sizes to suit individual budgets and comes in various flavours to accommodate differing preferences.


Indomie Noodles

For over 17 years, Dufil Group, makers of Indomie Noodles, has made remarkable impact in the country, especially in the lives of children, some of who could take the noodles all day.  The group, which currently has three factories in Nigeria, is the country’s first noodles manufacturing company. The product, which has become a household name across the country, is not restricted to kids alone, as it appeals to some adults too. It comes in different flavours like chicken, onion, pepper soup etc and also comes in different sizes for individual preferences. Many people like this product because it is easy and fast to cook.


Dangote Cement

More buildings and constructions are springing up in different parts of Nigeria with each passing day and, in all these, cement remains a key ingredient. In this market segment, Dangote Cement, one of the brands of the popular Dangote conglomerate, Nigeria’s leading cement producers with about three plants in the country, sat like a king in 2013.

According to Bloomberg news, as at June 2013, the company’s after-tax income for the six months through June advanced to 107.7 billion naira ($670 million) from 70.8 billion naira a year earlier.

“Nigeria’s demand for cement remained robust across the first six months of 2013, the 29.4 per cent increase in shipments we achieved was more than double the market’s rate,” Devakumar Edwin,Chief Executive Officer of Dangote Cement, said, while commenting on the development.


Coca Cola

Coca-Cola remains one of the most popular and biggest-selling brands in history.  The soft drink was created in Atlanta, Georgia in 1886, but was introduced in Nigeria in 1951 and ever since then, has remained a hit with consumers across the country.

The concerns for sugar intake notwithstanding, carbonated drinks remained a big deal in 2013, and, in Nigeria, Coke dominated in that market segment. The drink is available in 35cl and 50cl classic glass contour bottle, 33cl Can, as well as 50cl and 1.5l pep bottle.

knorr cubes-500x500

Knorr Seasoning

Folks eat every day, whether they cook the meals themselves or not. One sure fact is that, for most foods, soups and stews to be tasteful, they need to be seasoned. This is where Knorr Seasoning, Unilever’s number one brand, comes in.

The seasoning business was formed in 1838 by Carl Heinrich Knorr and, since then, it has become an international brand that offers different flavours. According to Unilever’s Website, the seasoning has an annual sale of more than 3 billion Euros.

The seasoning also comes in different flavours and mixes that appeal to the taste buds of different people and make meals come out with the taste desired by the cook.



So Klin Detergent

For many years, the Nigerian detergent market was dominated by Omo detergent. However, for a couple of years now, things have changed, with the market becoming very stiff as various brands fight for a place in the laundry box of different homes. However, since its novel introduction of small economy parks, which other brands have also taken after, Klin has been able to maintain a lead in that category. That innovation made Klin the favorite for average and low end income earners who form a greater percentage of the market.

From a very small brand in small packs of 15g 13 years ago, So Klin has added the 200g, 400g and 900g pack sizes to its range.  The detergent can be found everywhere, from cities even to remote towns.

Behälter Hero


Hero Beer

Nigeria has the second largest beer market in Africa, after South Africa, and with the largest population in Africa, a growing middle class and a large number of drinking-age consumers, brewing multinationals are struggling it out for a position in the market. Before now, Nigerian Breweries Plc and Guinness Nigeria were the two major players in the industry. But, the year 2013 saw Hero Beer coming into reckoning, especially in Nigerian states other than Lagos.

The progress made by the beer, produced by South African Breweries Miller (SABMiller), through the acquisition of two regional brewing companies, means that the dominance of the hitherto brewery giants is unquestionably threatened.

Though produced in Onitsha, in the eastern part of the country, the beer, popularly known as Manya Anyi (Igbo phrase for ‘our beer’), has grown from a regional player to a national player, having won the hearts of loyalists from various parts of the country.

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