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Behold the ‘Orange Culture’!

Lolade Odeyemi  |

As the year kicks into full swing, Bizwatch Couture presents the brainchild of the very edgy and fearless ‘Orange Culture’ designs, Adebayo Oke-Lawal. He is one of Nigeria’s fast-rising and multi-talented designers, who has taken the fashion scenery by storm.

With the product of young fashion geniuses like Oke-Lawal, it can be said, without an iota of skepticism, that the Nigerian fashion industry is continuously evolving and fast matching up to world fashion standards.

The creative mix and powerful combination of traditional African prints with modern day fabrics gives ‘Orange Culture’ couture the spunk which highlights Oke-Lawal’s uniqueness and artistry – intricate, colourful creations for trendy and fashion-forward men and women that exude fierce class and boldness.

His foray into designing started at age 10, after which he’s been enmeshed in the broad continuum of fashion.


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