Before You Say I Do

As much as some discussions may be uncomfortable, they would ensure that a couple gets to know each other fairly well before entering into the sacred commitment of marriage. These topics, when discussed, would help a couple know if they are on the same page on key issues that affect marriage relationships. A relaxed atmosphere for these discussions would make for easy conversations and better understanding,

Some of these topics to be discussed include:

1) Money: This might be an uneasy topic to discuss but it matters in a partnership.

2) Children: Do you both want kids? How many? When do you want to try to have them?

3) Dreams: What do you want out of life? Is there an agreement between your goals and aspirations?

4) Living: Where are you going to live? Why are you going to live there? Is it convenient and best for both of you?

5) Family Ties: What type of relationship are you going to keep with the in-laws? Are there going to be boundaries?

6) Culture / Religion Clash: Are you from the same tribe? What culture are the children going to be raised in? Are you both worshiping at the same church?

There are no secrets in marriage, an open line of communication would make the journey a smooth one.


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