Asuquo: Gymnastics Can Give Nigeria 10 Olympic Gold Medals

Mr. Tony Asuquo, Nigerian Gymnastics coach, has stated that the country has the prospective to groom Gymnasts that can take the world by storm and win up to 10 gold medals at the forthcoming Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil.

Mr. Asuquo, the proprietor of Tony International Gymnastics club who spoke with reporters in Abuja, noted that the country is blessed with budding talents that can do her proud in international competitions such as the Olympics, Commonwealth and All Africa Games but lamented that administrators have been the major factors in the dwindling situation of sports in the country.

He boasted that if given the chance, he could assemble a team that will represent and win at least, 10 gold medals for the country at the 2016 Olympics in Brazil. ”Right now I am targeting the Olympics. I don’t know if I’m going to be called or not but I know I’m going somewhere in gymnastics.”

He was optimistic, but followers of the sport knew that such would be very difficult, almost impossible going by our potential in gymnastics. Even countries strong in the sport hardly boast of 10 gold medals in one Olympic Games.

He said that Nigeria’s major challenge was the high level of corruption by administrators who prefer those that bribe them to those that have something to give to the success of the country.  “If you don’t have money to bribe, they ignore you and pick someone else who is ready to offer them bribe. I was an athlete and I saw it happen. If they wanted to take from your allowances and you refused, they take you off even if you were the best.”



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