Air Travelers Are Also Feeling The Pinch Of Petroleum Products Scarcity

Even air travelers have not been spared the current scarcity of petroleum products in the nation which has reared its ugly head in the aviation sector following the unavailability of JET A1, popularly known as aviation fuel to the domestic airline service industry and forcing airlines to cancel hundreds of flights.

Major player in the industry, Arik Airlines, had to cancel about 85 flights over the lack of aviation fuel, leaving about 8,500 air passengers stranded.

The airline has had series of flight delays which it attributed to severe dearth of fuel in the last two weeks.

Even as the federal government paid N156 billion petroleum subsidy last Thursday, the end of the aviation fuel crisis remain far.

Arik told journalists yesterday that of its average of 100 flights per day, it would only be able to do 15 flights today, May 2, 2015, leaving 85 flights cancelled due to lack of aviation fuel.

There has been short supply of the product in Lagos and this has led to rationing by the petroleum product marketers.

Arik said the scarcity has impacted negatively on its operations as flights have had to be delayed or cancelled in cases where the destination airport has no airfield lighting.

In some other cases, flights were diverted to other airports outside Lagos where the product was readily available.


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