AC Milan In Search Of Investors

AC Milan president Silvio Berlusconi has been discussing the club’s offers from abroad.

Berlusconi admits Bee Taechaubol is not the only offer on the table.

“There are several offers that demonstrate the importance of the Milan brand in China and other countries,” Berlusconi told

“We are considering them all, but we must do so with calm and prudence because it will be an irreversible choice. We have to find the right people.

“I hope to find someone who can take AC Milan forward with me thanks to new financing. If I don’t, I’ll continue as President and I have an all-Italian Milan in mind.

“I am in agreement with those who think that there are too many foreigners in our football.

“Unfortunately I was told once that in a country in Asia, people were asked to describe three images that represented Italy and the answer was the Mafia, pizza and [Sophia] Loren. Lately, however, things have changed and now the three images are Mafia, pizza and Milan.

“After some research, I could see that the Milan brand is very strong in China and other Eastern countries. We have about 350 million fans around the world.

“I’m trying to identify a group of potential backers for AC Milan who can share the financial burden with me that is needed at the moment in football.

“Even a state like Qatar has now entered into the world of football, as it finances clubs like Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City every year.”


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