3 Motivational Tips for Nigerian Startup Founders New To the Game

African Start-ups Attracted $68.9 Million In October
African Start-ups Attracted $68.9 Million In October

Launching a startup is one of the most arduous endeavors any entrepreneur can pursue as he/she would have to endure the difficult path of innovation, product market fit, team cohesion, and scaling. Of course, the current state of the Nigerian economy has not been the most conducive for startup founders in the country, and as such, entrepreneurs new to the game are finding it difficult to stay bit optimistic.

Jovago.com, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking portal understands first-hand that founding a startup is incredibly worthwhile and can be a life-altering adventure, as such, we offer 3 encouragements for the Nigerian business people new to the game.

Keep in mind that startups are worth the stress

You have to remember that startups are a worthwhile pursuit, and nothing worthwhile comes easy. No matter how difficult or discouraging the situation, realize that the possibilities are endless and the experience is invaluable. Very few have the opportunity to create things that never were, make a massive impact, positively change lives, or push our society forward. Keep your eyes set on your vision and stay optimistic.

Appreciate the process                               

A startup is a business, it takes time to build. You also have to work with different people at different. Learn to be patient with not just the people that cross your path, but also with yourself. Everything will not go according to plan, brace yourself for that. Learn to improvise when necessary and enjoy slow periods. Just trust the process, and remember that Rome was not built in one day.

Have faith

There are so many factors that impact the startup building process and there will be the times when you will be faced with an endless cycle of obstacles. Rather, than question your choices or give up, have faith. Trust yourself to make the right decision and understand that the beginning does not determine the outlook in the end. Again, when you think you have failed, try again and trust that the output will be different, quite often, the most successful entrepreneurs have failed repeatedly until they had a breakthrough.


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