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Zizi Cardow: Captivating, Forceful and Scintillating Fashion!

Lolade Odeyemi |

The name ‘Zizi Cardow’ pulls a forceful wind of scintillating vogue, created from an ingenious mix of beautifully designed African fabrics. The fashion line breathes a creative splash of colourful designs, bold and captivating, leaving fashionistas in awe. As a force to reckon with in the Nigerian fashion circles and beyond, the Zizi Cardow label has for over 13 years retained its reputation for bespoke pieces that command attention.

The female fashion power officially launched the ‘Zizi Cardow’ label in 2000 and, within a year, scooped a handful of prestigious fashion awards for her statement pieces, which include Award for the Best Designer in Nigeria in 2001, Fashion Ambassador in 2002, St. Moritz Style Selection in 2002, Fashion & Life Achievement Award in 2008, Fashion And Style Award in 2010 and the Most influential Person in fashion Award in 2010, among several others.

After picking up the prestigious designer of the year award at the premier event of the NFS (Nigerian Fashion Show) in 2001, Zizi’s craft leaped beyond the shores of the country, launching her label into the African fashion market, specifically South Africa, and into European countries like Italy, France and Britain. Afterwards, the couturier experienced a rosy sail in her trade, carting several awards on a yearly basis. In 2002, she picked up the DAME award for outstanding feat in fashion, an occasion graced by the then President of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.

In the same year, her fashion house organized an exclusive fashion show dubbed ‘Jungle Renaissance’, which further reinforced her stand in the fashion world as the event garnered reviews from both local and international critics in the industry. This show paved way for the ‘’Jungle Renaissance Reloaded” in 2006. In addition to her numerous accolades, the designer was, in 2002, nominated as the only Nigerian representative to the fashion and art exhibition in Milan, tagged AFRICANDO, an occasion graced by the Mayor of Milan, dignitaries and foreign ambassadors.

Her presence in the industry has brought an undeniable boost to African fashion and has revolutionized the use of African fabrics, most especially in the international fashion scene. The Veteran designer has graced the walkway of foreign cities like Milan, Paris, Cape Town, New York and London. She has a robust clientele base, mostly comprising the crème de la crème of the society in Nigeria and overseas.





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