WhatsApp Rolls Out New Privacy Features

WhatsApp Rolls Out New Privacy Features

WhatsApp has on Tuesday introduced three privacy tweaks into the messaging app to “provide even more layers of protection”.

In a blog post published on its website on Tuesday, WhatsApp that the new feature will provide more layers of protection and more control over messages.

WhatsApp protects the personal calls and messages of users with default end-to-end encryption, so no one but the intended recipient can hear or see them.

Over the years, new layers of privacy protections have been added to give the users multiple ways to secure messages, including disappearing messages that self-destruct and end-to-end encrypted backup.

WhatsApp’s new updates

WhatsApp rolls out new features

Leave groups silently

Users can now exit a group privately without everyone in the group knowing.

Once a user leaves a group chat, only the admins will be notified.

This feature will start to roll out to all users this month.

Choose who can see when you are using WhatsApp

With this feature, users can select who can and can’t see when they are online.

This feature will start rolling out to all users this month.

Screenshot blocking

Another layer of protection has been added to messages sent to view once.

Receivers of this messages will not be able to take a screen shot.

WhatsApp is currently testing this feature now and will to roll it out to users soon.

A campaign will be executed to educate people about the new features and the commitment to protect private conversations on WhatsApp.

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