Uber To Start Delivering Marijuana

Uber To Start Delivering Marijuana

Uber Technologies Inc. may start to deliver marijuana across the world, including Nigeria. This is as it commenced the business already in Canada.

Uber Eats, a subsidiary of Uber Technologies, in a statement, said it had already commenced the business of delivering marijuana from retail stores listed on Leafly in Toronto, Canada.

“First and foremost, we see this as a critical piece to helping discourage impaired driving, and secondly, this is just another initiative that can help combat the illegal cannabis market, which still makes up more than 40% of cannabis sales in Ontario today,” Uber Eats Canada’s General Manager, Lola Kassim, told CBC Toronto.

“So, we’re providing an option that goes beyond in-store, that goes beyond pickup and it’s also an option for consumers on a platform like Uber Eats, which many Torontonians already know and love and also is built on, you know, trust and safety.”

Investors call for legalisation of marijuana

While marijuana is not yet legal in Nigeria, serial investors are making a case for it to be, with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of venture capital, SAANA Capital, Aloy Chife, asking that the country should take the same path as Canada, United States (US), and other countries that have legalised it.

Chife said legal cannabis will boost foreign exchange in Nigeria. “I believe it’s high time Nigeria legalized Marijuana. It’s now fairly legal in the US and other countries. We can earn a lot of Fx exporting the oils”, he wrote on Twitter.

Since the establishment of SAANA Capital in 2012, the VC has invested in early-stage tech startups in various market segments; Online Services and Marketplaces, Health Care IT, and ePayments.

Explaining further, Chife said, “Many US states license marijuana businesses and President Biden recently committed all sentences for possession. Nigeria can farm and export marijuana oil.”

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