Top 10 Digital Health Startups In Nigeria

Top 10 Health Startups In Nigeria

Digital health provides electronic healthcare services for health care providers and members of the public by improving patient outcomes and increasing efficiency.

Health startup bridges the gap between caregivers and the members of the public via technology. This service makes it easier for members of the public to get medical attention, provides an affordable plan and keeps records of the users.

Under digital health, there are 2 categories; mHealth (mobile health) which is a practice of medicine that is supported by mobile devices and eHealth which is a healthcare practice that is supported by electronic processes and communication.

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Here are the top 10 healthcare services that you should try this year


Interswitch’s eClat Healthcare Limited is a Nigeria-based health technology company that aims to improve healthcare delivery in Africa. eClat’s healthcare technology platform consists of a core e-Clinic software used in more than 250 primary care centres in Oyo, Delta and 5 other states across the country. The software also includes electronic billing, immunisation, ante-natal and care pathway functions.

eClat through the use of technology focuses on techniques, and innovations to improve the availability and quality of primary healthcare delivery in the Nigerian healthcare space.

LifeBank Nigeria

LifeBank ensures the speedy transmission of blood from labs across Nigeria to patients and doctors in hospitals. LifeBank vows to ensure that blood is available when and where it is needed in any community/area in the nation in order to save lives out there.

Part of the basic activities done at LifeBank include mobilization of blood donations from individuals, taking inventory of the blood available nationwide, and transmission of blood in the right condition to the exact hospitals/locations it is currently needed.


‘Omo mi’ means ‘my child’ in Yoruba. It is a web, and mobile-based childcare service developed to help improve the health of younger children by providing parents with ample opportunity to monitor their children’s health easily.

Omomi has an interactive section where parents can interact with parents from other parts of the country who have had similar experiences in time past. Also, parents can easily track the immunization status of their kids, and other issues at home via a responsive and interactive DIY platform.


Kangpe is a mobile application that allows patients from Nigeria and other African countries to seek sound advice and interact with medical practitioners in less than 10 minutes. With this app, the users will be able to get in touch with doctors who can give them relevant answers to questions that have to do with their health.


Healthlane provides teleconsultation and appointment booking app for patients. The app also has attractive features like calling doctors to house visits, prescription & referral, second opinion, drug delivery, lab results, past appointments history, and insurance claims.


Mobidoc offers a user-friendly, mobile health consultation platform where people can easily receive consultation from verified healthcare professionals in the country.


Doctoora combines technology and infrastructure, which enhances access to healthcare in Africa by providing short-term healthcare facility rentals to health professionals.

Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative (MANI)

MANI uses technology to provide mental health and counselling to Nigerians. They use WhatsApp and Twitter to run a 24-hour mental health support line for emergency help, advice, counseling, and even a 24-hour suicide hotline.


Anyi Health provides an app-based platform for healthcare financing. Users can avail the loan by proving hospital details and loan amount details. The loan amount is transferred to the hospital’s bank account. It also provides consultation and screening tests.


SaferMom leverages the power of cost-effective technologies to provide accessible, scalable, and affordable mobile health services to pregnant and nursing mothers through SMS and voice calls in the preferred languages of the user.

Its services include tracking of vaccinations, pregnancy follow-up, dispersing emergency information, educating health workers, reaching underserved communities in case of epidemic disease, and educating at-risk children. SaferMom addresses the high maternal and infant mortality crises in Nigeria.


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