Stylish And Durable: Exploring The Design And Build Quality Of Nokia C21 Plus And Nokia G21

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, is offering price slash for two of its innovative devices, Nokia G21 and Nokia C21 Plus. This is to further the brand’s commitment to providing affordable devices of the highest quality. The Nokia G21 has been slashed from N108,100 to N91,400 for its 64GB and from N117,200 to N97,200 for its 128GB devices, while the Nokia C21 Plus was slashed from N82,000 to N69,900. The devices offer quality features, making them great options for anyone in the market for a new phone.

The Nokia G21 offers impressive features at its affordable price point, challenging other affordable smartphones in the market. One of the most notable features is its unrivalled battery life, which lasts up to three days, making it a standout feature in a market where consumers are often concerned about their phone’s battery life.

Additionally, the Nokia G21 offers three years of monthly security updates, twice as many as its competitors, ensuring users’ mobile technology is well-protected. The phone also features a brand-new design that is more ergonomic, made from tough polycarbonate and offers durability.

The Nokia G21’s 50MP triple-lens camera is designed to deliver beautiful detail even in low light. On the front, AI smarts ensure that evening selfies will have just the right amount of light and clarity. The phone’s improved refresh rate makes scrolling and typing even more fluid, and photos look smoother. For more information on the Nokia G21, click here.

The Nokia C21 Plus has impressive specifications perfect for users who value battery life, storage capacity, and camera quality. The device boasts a 5050 mAh battery capacity, which delivers a three-day battery life on a single charge. The 13MP dual camera with HDR technology captures stunning photos and memorable moments in detail, and the 6.5” HD+ display ensures that videos and photos can be viewed with incredible definition and clarity.

Additionally, privacy and security have been taken into consideration with this smartphone, as the device comes with two years of quarterly security updates as standard, and features fingerprint and AI face unlock technology for added convenience and privacy. For more information on the Nokia C21 Plus, click here.

Both the Nokia C21 Plus and Nokia G21 offer great options for anyone in the market for a new smartphone. The Nokia C21 Plus is designed for users who value battery life, storage capacity, and camera quality, while the Nokia G21 offers impressive features such as unrivalled battery life, improved performance, and twice as many security updates as its competition.

With both devices, Nokia aims to offer quality mobile technology accessible to everyone around the world, empowering people to feel good about keeping their smartphones for longer and combat the upgrade culture to reduce our carbon footprint.

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