‘Salary, Pension Will Be Paid 28th Of Every Month’ – Otti

'Salary, Pension Will Be Paid 28th Of Every Month' - Otti

Alex Otti, the newly sworn-in governor of Abia State, has committed to begin paying May 2023 salary and pensions to all civil officials and retirees in the state within the next few days.

Otti expressed discontent with the division between “core” and “non-core” civil officials in his inaugural speech on Monday, saying that starting in June 2023, all state salary and pension obligations would be resolved by the 28th of every month.

Otti, who was inaugurated in as the fifth democratically elected governor of Abia State at the Umuahia Township Stadium, stated that beginning this month, all civil servants and retirees in the state will get their lawful entitlements as and when due.

He also disclosed his administration’s plans to overhaul the state’s civil service, stating he will prioritize the workforce for efficiency and professionalism.

The newly inaugurated governor has stated that the Abia State Civil Service will be conducted differently under his administration.

Otti added that the state government will embrace technology as part of its efforts to uncover ghost workers in the civil service.

He added that the action aims to “determine who has been genuinely employed and who is actively stealing from the public treasury.”

He added, “Merit shall take prominence and only those who demonstrate requisite diligence in the discharge of their duties shall remain in the service. Technology will be used to support the Civil Service in the State.

“We propose to use technology to enable all Abia State employees, including myself, to work from anywhere to achieve operational efficiency and enhanced productivity.

“There shall be no room for corrupt practices and the full weight of the law shall be deployed in tackling all cases of indiscipline or any act that brings the service into disrepute.

“We shall be reviewing some of the most recent appointments and promotions made by the previous administration to ensure that persons recruited and promoted have the relevant qualifications and are suitably deployed.”


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