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Non-Release Of Take-Off Grant Retarding– Unijos VC

The University of Jos has done very well in some core areas. In the things we do at Centre for Conflict Management and Peace Studies, we’ve been able to cut our teeth by the quality of training we give. We have also been able to bring non-academic population and the university community together in the community relations that we have, particularly with our immediate neighbours and other parts of Plateau State.

And in recognition of this, we have received tremendous goodwill, particularly from the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Abuja which has supported our Centre for Conflict and Peace Studies with funds to the tune of almost N50 million. His Eminence, the Sultan of Sokoto, has also given us funds in furtherance of activities of the centre.

The university has made other modest gains in researches, in the area of vital medicines. The group in pharmaceutical sciences has patented some products with NOTAP (National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion) in Abuja. Particularly, I refer to the case of anti-snake venom. There is a snake belt between Plateau and Gombe states where there are a lot of very poisonous snakes. The university team researching into anti-snake venom led by Professor John Aguiyi has made tremendous achievement in the area of anti-snake venom development.

There is another group in the pharmaceutical sciences led by Professor Frances Okwuasaba. They have developed a lot of candidate materials for the production of substances used in the treatment of neglected tropical diseases.

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