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Nigeria Loses 400,000 hectares Of Forest Annually To Deforestation

Following the high rate of deforestation in Nigeria, experts in forestry have doubted the possibility of  the country achieving the 25 per cent forest cover by 2015.

The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, IITA, had not too long ago disclosed that Nigeria loses over 400, 000 hectares of forest land annually to deforestation.

Director General, IITA, Nteranya Sanginga, said, in Nigeria as of today, deforestation or loss of vegetation for economic reasons is about 3.5 per cent.

Sanginga also disclosed that between 1990 and 2005, the world lost about 3.3 per cent of its forests, just as Guinean Rainforest, GRF, of West Africa identified over 20 years ago, as a global biodiversity hotspot, which was reduced to 113,000 km2 with 18 per cent of its original area.

However,experts have said that for the country to retain its forest reserves, it must achieve over 25 per cent forest cover by the year 2015, even as they noted that it might not be feasible due to serious pressure on forest resources.

According to Sanginga, the situation can be salvaged if the youths involved in conservation could also help to preserve the forests, sustain its efforts on reforestation while slowing down the alarming rate of deforestation and degradation of natural resources.





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