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Nigeria Independence Day: These 7 Songs Will Lift Your Soul

Nigeria Independence Day: These 7 Songs Will Lift Your Soul

Nigeria independence day is the news headline today. This is because the country marks its independence day yet again.

Nigeria independence day is celebrated annually on the first day of October. This, primarily marks the country’s freedom from the British government in 1960.

Amongst many other reasons, Nigeria’s Independence Day is usually a day set aside to honour the country’s heroes.

However, while Nigeria is blessed with a diversity of tribes, religions, languages, and cultures, the most populated African country is also blessed with talented artistes, who have recorded and released songs that celebrate their nation.

These artistes, with their songs, have contributed immensely to national growth and unity among Nigeria’s citizenry.

Below are some of the songs you should listen to today:

Which Way, Nigeria – Sunny Okosun

When singer Sunny Okosun released this classic in 1983, the intent was to bring a truthful realisation to both the Nigerian leaders and the populace. The song’s lyrics frown at bribery and corruption which lurks around the country.

Greenland – Ty Bello

Interestingly, this song is TY Bello‘s debut, and it’s a song that aims at spreading love, strengthening family bonds, and expressing optimism for Nigeria. Released in 2007, the song also encourages Nigerians to move away from the state of fear and discomfort to a land of hope and possibilities.

One love – Onyenka Onwenu

Onwenu, a Nigerian music legend who has been so passionate about unity in the country, expresses the need for unity in this track. The song conveyed a bundle of messages to Nigerians. In the same vein, the tender voices of children who sings the chorus were indeed a track to reckon with.

Song of Unity – Nigerian leaders

This song was performed by Nigerian leaders, both past heads of states and democratic leaders men. The song, which was a declaration of unity in the country features Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, former President Olusegun ObasanjoErnest Shonekan Oladipo Diya, and the late Alex Ekwueme.

Lift up Nigeria – king Sunny Ade

The king of music, King Sunny Ade extends his love to all tribes, and religions in Nigeria. In his track, he urges everyone to come together and work for the continuous progress of the country.

Nigeria my beloved country – Funmi Adams

Funmi Adams, popular in the 80s and 90s, promoted cultural diversity among youths.  Asides from the nostalgic feeling you get from the song, it preaches unity and harmony. This song remains evergreen in the hearts of many Nigerians.

Motherland – Sound Sultan

The song Motherland serves as a reminder to Nigerians that have left the country in search of beautiful and blessed land that no matter how far and wide they go, Nigeria still remains the best place for them to be.


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