Mubi: Insurgents Destroy Churches, Kill Christians Who Refuse To Denounce Faith

The security situation in Mubi keeps getting worse as Boko Haram terrorists have resorted to destroying churches,killing and uprooting Christians from the predominantly Christian town in order to establish an Islamic caliphate and make Mubi its headquarters.

Residents trapped in Mubi confirmed that the insurgents had ordered Christians to leave the city or denounce their religion and accept Islam or get killed.

A cleric who escaped from the hands of the insurgents by a whisker yesterday, said the terrorists were going around setting ablaze any church they come across in Mubi.

“They warned us that whoever goes astray, will definitely meet him or her waterloo, so we had to abide by their rules for the fear of being killed. But immediately, my family and myself planned our exit out of the trouble town,” he said.

He said the killings in Mubi were being carried out selectively by the Boko Haram insurgents, alleging that most of the people killed were Christians who refused to accept their injunctions.

The Bishop of the Catholic Diocese in Yola, Rt. Reverend Dami Stephen Mamza, yesterday said the killings in Mubi were selective.

He lamented that hundreds of residents had been killed and thousands rendered homeless, charging the federal government to intensify efforts to immediately address the situation to avoid anarchy in the system.



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