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This Is Maki Oh – Amaka Osakwe’s Fashion Territory

By Lolade Odeyemi  |
Young, ambitious and creative Amaka Osakwe is the force behind the ‘Maki Oh’ women’s label, borne out of the need to give expression to original African fabrics. The 26-year-old designer is famous for her complex hand-dyed fabrics designed from indigo leaves, which has successfully garnered attention on the international fashion stage.

Maki Oh’s beautifully tailored chic and trendy pieces debuted in 2010, with the collection tagged “Everything in Proportion.” The strength of the young designer’s craft hinges on her ability to arouse fashion sensitivity and over-the-top creativity, birthing beautiful and intrinsic ensemble from the simplest, yet detailed African fabrics like Adire.

Amaka has certainly carved a niche for herself in the trade with her delicate splash of rural-urban mixes that ooze sophistication and command the attention of popular local and international clientele. Her designs are a liaison between modern contemporary fashion trends and traditional African vibe, which is just an appropriate blend for the ever evolving fashion landscape.

The aesthetic appeal of her bold and elegant pieces has placed her in the list of designers who hold the future of African fashion industry in their hands. She has continued to blaze the trail with her high-end line, which was showcased to the U.S. fashion scene in 2012, when she presented her designs at the New York Fashion Week.





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