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Keeping Fit In The Office: Sit Less, Move More

As far as most office work goes, a sedentary lifestyle is usually the norm. For most office workers, a larger part of the day is spent in the office and most of the time, behind their desks. Unfortunately, after a tiring day, we usually go home and sit in front of a TV. One habit that stands out is the constant sitting and less physical activity.

Apart from the weight issues associated with a sedentary lifestyle, Professor Lasun Emiola of the Department of Physical and Health Education, University of Ilorin, Kwara State, observed it can result in great increase in hyperkinetic diseases like hypertension, heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

In working to make ends meet, we don’t have to sacrifice a good health and waistline for a pay cheque.  The secret is in moving more and sitting less.

Dr. John Buckley, an exercise scientist in the Department of Clinical Sciences and Nutrition, Chester University, England, United Kingdom, adds that you are more likely to lose weight if you stand up for three hours each day in the office. Dr. Buckley worked out that by standing at a desk for three hours, rather than sitting down, he burns an extra 144 calories daily. He adds that this is achieved with no change in leisure time activities or job duties. 144 calories per day equates to about 15 pounds of human fat per year.

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