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How To Get That Refreshing Sleep

For the average human, the time dedicated to sleep is getting shorter each day. Sleep time is even lesser for many adults and children living in cities and other urban areas.
Modern lifestyle, work hours, occupation and recreational routines, habits such as watching TV, late night calling and texting, facebooking, blackberry chatting and Internet surfing at night keep eating into the quality of sleep we get at night.

Experts have warned that poor quality of sleep does not only reduce mental alertness during the day, it also increases risk for hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. A chest physician with SleepMedix, Lekki, Lagos State, Dr. Michael Eziri, said lack of sleep could pose more serious health challenges to people. Such challenges, he said, include sexual dysfunction, especially in men, diabetes, obesity and severe mental disabilities.

According to a statistic, about 25 per cent of the world’s population at a time suffered from one form of sleep disorder or the other. These include sleep apnea, snoring and insomnia. Eziri noted that quality sleep was not only an essential ingredient to better health and longevity, it could also be a preventive measure against developing terminal diseases such as stroke, diabetes and hypertension.

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