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EXCLUSIVE: How Nigerians Can Leverage Selar To Create Wealth – Founder, Douglas Kendyson

How Nigerians Can Leverage Selar To Create Wealth -Founder, Douglas Kendyson

Amid the rising inflation and unemployment rates in the country, wealth creation has never been more important for Nigerians.

Inspired by the challenges creators are faced with, Douglas Kendyson floated Selar, an eCommerce store builder designed to monetise users’ knowledge, content, or skill digitally. Creators on Selar typically sell ebooks, courses, training, e.t.c.

Kendyson, spoke exclusively with BizWatch Nigeria on how the firm is making impacts on businesses in Nigeria. Find excerpts below.

Why was it founded?

For us, we’re just trying to make it easy for anyone to sell any kind of digital product online, and with Selar anyone can do this in less than 5 minutes. They get to host the products on Selar, they get cross-border payments for the world, and they get an easy way for their customers to access this product without any technical knowledge or building their own website.

How does it enhance wealth creation?

The creator economy has continued to enhance wealth creation by providing a new wave of business opportunities and this has in turn impacted the revenue growth. We’ve been operating for 6 years, helping creators monetise their knowledge and passion as digital products such as e-books, courses, and training and we have seen that the earning potential of a creator grows as they grow over the years.

How has the journey been so far with Selar?

Selar was founded in 2016 while I worked at Paystack. Started out as a simple MVP for anyone to sell small digital products like ebooks, music, and courses, and it’s evolved a lot over the years.

We’re a team of 16 amazing people with a wealth of experience across different sectors. In 2021, we recorded paying over 1 Billion Naira to African creators selling digital creators. Ideally, people would see this as a small segment, but every day we prove this a big market that’s growing rapidly.

Why should Nigerians use Selar?

I really believe anyone who wants to take a share of the booming creator economy and has a unique value to offer an audience and community can leverage Selar to distribute and monetise their value. If you want to be able to sell internationally, and make it easy for customers all over the world to buy and access your digital products, you should use Selar.

Can you kindly cite a few persons, particularly Nigerians or Africans that are big on your platform?

Fela Durotoye, Sisi Yemmie, Tayo Aina,  Salem King, Paul Foh, Naijabrandchick and so many more. We have over 55,000 creators on our platform today


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