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Group Urges Buhari To Apologize Over Insecurity, Poor Economy

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The Middle Belt United Assembly asked President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday to apologize unconditionally to Nigerians for the country’s current hardship and insecurity.

The group specifically chastised the President for failing to deliver on promises made to Nigerians in 2015, noting that the economy has tanked while insecurity has skyrocketed under him.

The group’s president, Moses Mwarga Aji, told journalists in Kaduna State that Nigerians were starving while food prices had skyrocketed beyond their reach.

This was as he stated that even though Nigerians were starving, they could no longer close their eyes because insecurity had ravaged communities across the country.

Aji said, “We call on President Buhari to tender public apology to Nigerians over his failed promises on security, economy, fighting corruption. From bad in 2015 to worst now.

“The nation is in suspense over the fate of 2023 general elections as some prominent Nigerians are expressing fear that elections may not hold because of insecurity.

“Elections must hold as planned by the Independent National Electoral Commission. Nigerians will not accept postponement of elections.

“President Buhari should leave a legacy behind for Nigerians.

“The way things stand now in the country Nigerians may not remember Mr President when he leaves office.

“They may remember him only when insecurity, corruption, hardship are mentioned.

“Please, Mr President use the remaining few months to correct and reset Nigeria on the path of progress, unity and development.”


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