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Firm Formulates Non-Toxic Drugs

After 12 years research, a company, Bradford Pharmaceutical Limited, has recorded a breakthrough in the production of safe and affordable medicine. It claims to have formulated a brand of paracetamol syrup, which doesn’t contain propylene glycol, glycerin and analogues considered to produce toxic, like other conventional medicines.

The company also produced bradcuff expectorant, which is a cough drug, bradferex blood tonic and a prescription blood tonic, bradferon.

Chairman of the drug producing firm, Mr. Idowu Obasa, who spoke at the public presentation of the drugs, said the poisoning of babies in 1990 and 2008 with some brands of paracetamol and baby teething mixture informed the firm’s decision to develop the drugs.

He said, “We researched into the cause of those incidents of poisoning and identified the problem. We found that some vehicles (substances) namely, propylene glycol and glycerin used in dissolving the active pharmaceutical ingredient (paracetamol) were contaminated or criminally substituted with a poisonous substance called diettylene glycol (DEG). We also discovered that DEG is implicated in epidemic of poisoning involving other consumer products such as other medicines, wine and toothpastes around the world. This is why our drugs don’t contain these substances”

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