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Apply Now For These 8 Internship Opportunities In Dubai

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Dubai really is the land of milk, honey, coffee and wealth. It is a nation filled with so many opportunities not just for the citizens but also for Nigerians.

There are a lot of opportunities for Nigerians to study abroad, work abroad, relocate abroad or amazing global internship opportunities. It is all about timing; searching for the best, applying on time and qualifying.

Most of these internships are paid for, they also provide relocation allowance and plane tickets. The average salary of an Intern is around 3,368 AED per month.

Here are 8 amazing internship opportunities in Dubai that you should apply for

1. Emaar Group Internship

Emaar group is in search of energetic, hardworking, flexible team players who are passionate about their fields.

For information about this internship and how to apply; click on this link https://properties.emaar.com/en/careers/

2.     Emirates group internship (Dubai)

This company offers an exclusive one-semester internship for students completing their undergraduate degrees. Applicants must be pursuing their degree in the relevant field of training.

To find out how to apply and if you qualify, click on this link https://www.eau.ac.ae/en/students/internship-with-the-emirates-group/

3.     Jumeirah group internship

The group is offering a six-month internship program in these fields: corporate office and hotel operations. To find out the requirements for this internship and how to apply, click on the link: https://www.jumeirah.com/en/article/careers-page-articles/internships.

4.     Microsoft Internship Dubai

Microsoft internship is a 5-month internship program in Dubai for students who have recently completed their graduation. Microsoft for the first time in Dubai is offering internships in multiple fields.

For information about the internship and how to apply, click on this link https://careers.microsoft.com/professionals/us/en/l-dubai

5.     Tesla Internship in UAE

The name of this company speaks for itself, with the owner (Elon Musk) who is the richest man in the world. Tesla is offering a 3-year internship program in various fields to international students. For information: https://careers.microsoft.com/professionals/us/en/l-dubai

6.     Etihad Airways internship 

It is one of the best-known companies in Dubai and offers a 10-week internship program. Multiple slots are available for this internship.

To check out this internship, follow this link https://careers.etihad.com/

7.     FlyDubai Airlines Internship

International students can pursue their internship program in the aviation industry, the duration of which is ten weeks.

For information and how to apply, click on this link https://careers.flydubai.com/

8.     Emirates Airline Internship

The airline is offering a six months internship program, which offers many fields and options to choose from. To find out more, click on this link: https://www.emiratesgroupcareers.com/


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