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APC’s Northern Christian Members Reject Presidential Muslim-Muslim Ticket

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All Progressives Congress’ (APC) Northern Christian Members held a summit where they rejected the party’s Muslim-Muslim presidential ticket for the upcoming 2023 election.

They revealed that the muslim-muslim ticket goes against all the principles of equity, fairness and justice. Arguing that the ticket is part of an attempt to divide Nigeria.

“This is very divisive and must be rejected by all patriotic Nigerians,” Mr Lawal, a former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, said.

“Also implied in this ticket is the insinuation that Northern Muslims are not willing to vote for a ticket that has a Christian on it and on which they are not represented.

“It is our belief that Northern Muslims would have seen the justice in a Muslim-Christian ticket and would have given it their overwhelming support had the party been inclined to do so.

“Sadly, the party chose to go the divisive line.

“A corollary to this mindset is that Christians should also not vote for a ticket on which there are no Christians.”

Yakubu Dogara, a former Speaker of the House of Representatives said that Nigeria is at a dangerous crossroad if an important issue like religion is not properly balanced to reflect the interest of all parties in the country.


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